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About Form 14653

How many Form 14653 are there? A total of 1.6 million Form 14653 were mailed out between December 2023 and June 2016. The filing deadline for most taxpayers with tax returns filed during this time was June 15, 2016. How does the 14653 process work? If you have a tax return filed with the IRS that you completed using Streamlined, please consult with a tax professional to determine how to resubmit your Form 14653. If you were born before December 31, 1952, or are a member of the Armed Forces, you can contact the tax professional or IRS TIN by calling or at online at Be sure to check the box indicating you agree to use the online filing option. If you agree to use the online option, you may use your social security number as your filer TIN when filing the Form 14653 online, or you can print the Form 14653 using the paper-filed version and submit it to the IRS office where you originally filed your taxes. If you don't agree to use the online option, the paper-filed version is still available on or by calling the IRS toll-free number at. Note: You cannot file and pay the tax bill through the Electronic Filing System (EFS) at this time. The process through this program is still under review. If you plan to submit your tax return via EFS at a later time, please consult with a tax professional for instructions on using that program. If you filed using Streamlined and a filing extension was requested to file as soon as possible, you can contact your tax professional for instructions. If you did not submit your Form 14693(C) in time, you will have a grace period of up to 20 days to resubmit this form to the IRS, as discussed below. After you receive a letter stating you must resubmit your Form 14693, you can still file the tax return using the paper-filed version. I filed with Streamlined using the standard filing method. Is there any advantage to filing Form 14653 online? Yes. In most instances, filing electronically means your tax return is processed faster as many of the same payment services are provided: online filing and payments, e-file refund claims, online schedules, and electronic payment instructions for the Form 8863 for the current year.

What Is Form 14653

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FAQ - Form 14653

What is the purpose of Form 14653?
The purpose of Form 14653 is to record the acquisition of property by the taxpayer. The purpose is to prevent overpayment of the tax. 2A. The IRS has interpreted Form 14653 to cover only property used to prepare tax returns. For further clarification we recommend that you consult our article on Form 14653 for Taxpayers and their Tax Professionals. 2C. If a taxpayer has not made any tax payments for the year of the sale or exchange of property, then Form 14653 is an accurate statement of the fair market value of the asset. 2D. If a taxpayer sold property to another taxpayer during the year, then the proceeds of the sale would not be income to the taxpayer. 2E. While a taxpayer may be subject to capital gains tax on the sale of certain types of property, the IRS has stated that it generally cannot levy the tax on property that is sold and not used in a trade or business. If a taxpayer is not required to file Form 4787 and has purchased property in the course of a trade or business, then Form 4787 is not necessary. 2F. The “loss” loss may occur because of an underpayment of tax that otherwise would not, or may not have been, required to be reported. 4. What are the provisions of Form 14653 that apply to the sale of certain assets held for foreign use and held on a basis that does not align with the tax basis of the asset as shown on the investor's Form 5471? 4A. While not all foreign assets must be reported on Form 5471, all foreign assets must be reported on Form 14653. Furthermore, when the purchase price for the asset is “substantially less than the fair value” of the asset, then the loss reported on Form 14653 represents an offset of the tax liability that otherwise would flow to the investor. 4B. If a taxpayer sells property on an installment basis, then proceeds on the sale should be included on an investor's Form 4787. If the taxpayer fails to do so, then the taxpayer should have filed a Schedule H, as described in the article entitled What Must I Include on Form 4787 to Report Foreign Asset Sales? 4C.
Who should complete Form 14653?
Form 14653 should only be completed if the individual has a qualifying disability or suffers from serious medical problems which endanger the individual's life. Other individuals should be encouraged to complete Form 14653.
When do I need to complete Form 14653?
Your IRS employer match contribution must be made before the due date of your Form 14653. If you are not sure when you need to file Form 14653, please call us immediately at to get help. What happens if I cannot claim a deduction? The IRS expects the following types of tax claims to be returned for reasons other than failure to include information correctly: Lump-sum payments, interest, credits, etc. Receipts for taxable items not collected by Form 1311. Nonrepayment of loans (including student loans) for which you paid interest and were not paid as a result. What is considered a tax year? If you file Form 1311 in the same year the total tax liability attributable to your share of the decedent's estate is 800 or less (i.e., not more than 800,000) and one or more spouses were legally married to the decedent at the time they received the property, you must report the decedent's death as a “community property” death (i.e., the estate is not includable as a separate item in your income) for reporting purposes until you file Form 14653. Please see Publication 551, Sales and Other Dispositions of Assets, for more information. Do I have to include all the assets of the decedent in a community or marital estate? No. The decedent is not subject to estate tax in the year in which his property passes. The estate passes to the surviving spouse the remainder of the estate, so you do not have to list all the assets. However, if the decedent was receiving any post-1977 benefits and the total of the benefits and taxes of all the beneficiaries (including the estate) was more than the decedent was expected to receive, then you must file an estate tax return. See Publication 463, Taxable and Nontaxable Estate and Trust Income, for additional details (PDF, 2.27 MB). Will I be required to file Form 14653? Yes. To ensure that you have included the decedent's property properly, you must file Form 14653 by the due date on the form, and keep a copy of all documents you receive for more than one year after the due date of the form.
Can I create my own Form 14653?
Yes. To do this, you must first create a Form 4020, “Am I Eligible to File an Income Tax Return for a Family Member Who Has a Disability?” that is filed by the individual. Then apply this Form 4020 to the disability income you expect to receive from your disabled sibling. The disability income will be included in your gross income. You may have to do some math to know exactly how much disability income a disability filing will cover. For example, the amount of dependent care assistance you will be able to get on Form 8829, Dependent Care Cost Sharing Under the Social Security Act, and Form 8283, Supplemental Security Income and Benefits for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, will be added with your income, so you know how to reduce the amount of disability tax you'll have to pay. What if neither my sibling nor my spouse is physically and mentally disabled? If no-one in your family has a physical or mental disability that's disabling them, you'll also be able to file an Income Tax Return for your sibling, even though the family was formed, for example, because you or your spouse adopted an adult child without disabilities. Example: You and your spouse are each eligible for disability tax credits to help pay for your child's support. Your family consists of two parents who want to keep their child financially independent, but who have physical limitations. In this case, the two parents form a two-parent household. One sibling, who is disabled, is eligible for Social Security disability credits. Because none of the other parents or grandparents qualify for Social Security disability credits because they're also disabled, or because you or your spouse haven't adopted a disabled child, the only way that income from your second sibling can satisfy qualifying limitations on the portion of the Social Security Disability Income test for which both sibling siblings are qualified dependents is if he or she is an eligible adult. Can my child qualify only for a credit for his or her disability income? Yes, of course. If your child is eligible for the disability tax credit because he or she isn't otherwise entitled to a Social Security benefit, then he or she may still qualify. That is, the child can be excluded (no credit) for any part of the Social Security Disability income test that is met by the total amount of your child's disability tax credit and his or her other income. See IR-4: Children and Disabled Dependents, for more information.
What should I do with Form 14653 when it’s complete?
If you have not filed the required information returns, you should receive Form 14653 by October 1, 2018. If you are required to file Form 14653 by the original Due Date (but not later than October 1, 2018) or have not completed the IRS form by October 1, 2018, submit Form 14653 to us no later than April 15, 2019. If you have filed Form 14653 after April 15, 2019, you need to file a second paper Form 14653 with new information to indicate any required extension of time to file Form 14653(e). If you have not filed a second Form 14653, you are not required to submit Form 14653(e). What information does the online application/self-certification form(s) that accompanies the Form 14653(e) provide? If you have an eligible address, we will send you the Form 14653(e) by mail. We are unable to process any return submitted without a valid physical address. If you submit the online Form 14653(e) to us, make sure you provide us with complete Social Security numbers and birthdates. If you use the online application, we can only use the first 6 digits of your Social Security number. For more information: Go to For Forms 1310F, 1320F, 1325F, and 1330M: Go to Follow the link for “Apply for Electronic Filing” Follow the link for “Fill in any applicable fields” Use the link for “Receive Form 1220-EZ” and click “Add Forms” Use the link for “Receive Form 1220-V.” Visit or call your local Social Security office for information about getting forms on the internet. Additional Information If you are a citizen of Iran or Syria, you may be subject to additional reporting requirements. For more information, visit our Iran and Syria Citizenship webpage. For more information about the online application or self-certification, please call or visit your local IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC). If you are in the TAC, call and the TAC representative will help you complete the application and help you determine what forms to fill out online and on paper.
How do I get my Form 14653?
If this form becomes missing during the collection process, call the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau toll-free at and ask for Form 14653, Application for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Information and Notice of Consumer Credit Recovery Actions. How do I get my consumer credit report from Experian? The Federal Trade Commission receives a lot of inquiries from consumers interested in getting a copy of their Experian credit report. If one of your inquiries includes “Experian,” your consumer credit report can be found on the Experian website. You can obtain a free yearly Experian credit report from Experian by calling or completing the Experian customer service request form. If your inquiry was about your Experian account, use the Experian credit report to answer all the questions about your Experian account and get a free annual credit report. For all other inquiries, visit If the information on your Experian credit report is inaccurate, call the Bureau's automated system,, or TTY. If you are not comfortable talking to an agent, you can also send a letter to Experian's Consumer Credit Division, Federal Trade Commission, P.O. Box 732118, Minneapolis, MN 55, with a detailed explanation. To be effective, the letter should indicate that you represent consumers in a class action lawsuit. A copy should be sent to the Bureau.
What documents do I need to attach to my Form 14653?
Generally, you don't need to attach any documents to Form 14653. This form does not ask you to include anything about an event or transaction that isn't required to be reported on your tax return. However, if you need to send certain documents to the IRS, you need to attach one or two of the following: A note from your tax professional (if you have a tax professional who will sign Form 14653). A certified copy of your income tax return (for self-employment). A statement that states “I sign this with my independent legal opinion,” (also known as a “certificate of independent legal opinion”). If you file an amended return, the following documents should be attached: Any tax return, if you have one. If you have self-employment income, a copy of the last year's Form 1045 Schedule H, if you had any net self-employment income. Statement of any change of status or change in employment, such as a change to part-time worker to full-time employment. If you file an amended return, the following documents should be attached: If you file an amended return, the following documents should be attached: To determine if your form requires any documents, you can search our Tax Forms section for Form 14653. Do I need to file anything else? There may be some changes in the information that you filed on your tax return and/or any documentation you attached to your tax return, even if your Form 14653 hasn't been filed yet. If there are any changes, we'll tell you about them, so it's important to make every effort to file by the due date. If there are substantial changes, we may ask you to amend your return, or send you for an additional hearing before we issue a final decision on your return. If I am claiming a child care credit, Am I required to attach a copy of the tax returns (and/or W2) of any noncitizen children for whom I received income? No. If my spouse dies, and I am the dependent, do I have to file another tax return? No, dependent returns are not mandatory. If you have the appropriate tax returns, they won't be taxed twice.
What are the different types of Form 14653?
There are two basic types of Form 14653 used: 1) Form 14653, and 2) Form 1350. The Form 14653 filing requirement generally applies to any individual who is a U.S. citizen over the age of 18. For more information about what type of Form 14653 you will need to file, see the Forms 14653 instructions for the year you intend to file and see the form itself. The filing of Form 1350 is only applicable if your non-citizen child is under 18, but is still enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution, or attending to attend such an educational institution. This is if, prior to the date the report is due, the student has either: A) Received, or B) Has commenced enrollment at the educational institution. A student receiving or has commenced enrollment in a post-secondary educational institution is a U.S. citizen. A student attending a post-secondary educational institution is not a U.S. citizen for Form 14653 purposes if: A) The student is not a student enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution in Canada; B) The student has less than 12 months to graduate or withdraw from the institution before the close of the due date of the return, or The student has not commenced enrollment at the educational institution but is actively taking or has commenced the taking of an examination and the completion of the examination will not occur during the tax year. The 12 months to 12 months may be extended subject to a minimum of six months if the student is enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution for one or more consecutive or continuous academic years commencing on or after the due date of the return if the student has an approved study permit. The filing of Form 14653 does not apply if: A) You are filing the report as the spouse to a U.S. resident alien (i.e., U.S. citizen over 18); B) The non-citizen child is under the age of 18, including by reason of mental or physical disability (excluding temporary disability); C) The non-citizen child was a child of a U.S. citizen, citizen of the United Kingdom, or citizen of Canada who died, or who is a child of a U.S.
How many people fill out Form 14653 each year?
The IRS estimates this filing requirement as one of four major compliance actions: 1) the first time you file a federal income tax return in 2017 2) the second time you file a tax return in 2017 and the fourth time within seven years from the last tax return; 3) the first time you file your return and the filing deadline for an election under IRC 6401(a)(1); and 4) the filing deadline for a second election under IRC 6401(a)(2) within three years from the last election. As a result, the total number of filings is likely quite low (it is estimated that only about 4 million returns file a federal income tax return each year); however, the total percentage of filers filing under these four enforcement statutes is quite high. What happens if you miss a filing deadline? Filing on time is good, but it is not enough. The IRS requires both filing and payment of penalties in order to maintain your tax exemption for your filing period in a given tax year. Failure to pay due penalties and interest may result in a felony conviction, which will result in revocation of tax benefit available for a certain period of time. Where are Form 14653 pages found on your tax return? Form 14653 covers all IRS-related tax-related information on the IRS. The Form 14653 pages are found between Line 6.12 (Form 3) and line 7.10 (Form 1040). How are Form 14653 numbers formatted? Form 14653 pages show the current federal statutory filing date, whether any statute of limitations (time period to appeal filing) has expired from the time of filing, the amount of penalties being assessed, and any interest that is being paid. If filing under IRC 6401 or IRC 6501, Form 14653 pages may contain a line or lines that have a notation saying “IRS Tax Tip” indicating that you may need to file a return for an election year. If you are required to file a return for a particular year, and you do not file a return in that year, you will not be eligible to file under IRC 6401 or IRC 6501. You must file an election under each statute as you would under any other federal statute. For instance, if you are required to file an income tax return in 2018 under IRC 6401 you must file a return by the election deadline (October 22, 2018).
Is there a due date for Form 14653?
Yes, if the income tax return is due on or before the following dates: The return is filed by the filing due date for the year in which the partnership election is to lapse. The return is filed at any time. Can I change my election to become a “small or medium-sized business” in a partnership election-related filing that has been filed for purposes of section 14651? Yes. The election to become a “small business or medium-sized business” in a partnership election-related filing of a partnership with a filing due date that is within or after the filing due date of such other partnership filing is affected even if such related partnership filing is for a different tax year. If the election is changed such that it applies to different partnership tax years, the changed election cannot be used in any other partnership tax year. The election can be made in separate partnership tax years. For more information in relation to a partnership election, please see Form 1549, Joint Tax Return.
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